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Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer vent cleaning in older structures is an important, but often overlooked, aspect of keeping your home safe. Newer buildings have exhaust vents close to the dryer, so lint travels a shorter distance out of your home. In older structures, most of the vents from the laundry room are designed to run a longer distance, creating a potential hazard when heat and possible sparks occur when drying. It’s important that this area be inspected and cleaned yearly to prevent a fire from starting in your home.

Super Sweep Chimney Service LLC can take care of your dryer vent and air duct cleaning needs in the Dover, NH area. We are equipped with special brushes and vacuum systems that remove lint build up. Having annual dry vent cleaning isn’t only for your safety. This will make drying time cleaner and more efficient as well. At Super Sweep Chimney Service LLC, we specialize in chimney cleaning as well, so we know how to make sure the vents and chimneys in your home are safe and in the proper condition.

If you smell smoke, notice an unusual amount of dust in the laundry room, or your clothes are not drying during a normally timed cycle, then you may need your dryer vent cleaned. This is not something to sit on! If you are looking for professional dryer vent repairs and cleaning, call Super Sweep Chimney Service LLC for a prompt and efficient cleaning. Don’t hesitate to ask about our chimney sweeping service while you’re at it!